Retirement of John Bullough

At the recent Annual General Meeting, Chairman, Raúl Curiel, delivered the following speech.

“As you have heard, John Bullough will be retiring after this AGM, so I would like to pay tribute to him for his outstanding contribution to the Company during the past seven years.

John has been a very eminent and well-known figure in the Property industry for a very long time, both in the UK and in the UAE –you can read in the Annual Report’s biographical note of his long and outstanding career at the top of Grosvenor Estates, with a string of successful bids for town centre redevelopments, creating truly interesting places. Later, he was Chief Executive of Abu Dhabi’s ALDAR Properties until 2010, and amongst his many distinguished industry roles he was President of the British Council of Shopping Centres.

What the short biographical note in the Annual Report does not reflect are his exceptional personal virtues: his contagious and uplifting enthusiasm, his generosity of spirit, his profound emotional intelligence and his passion for the built environment in its broadest sense.

We have been exceptionally privileged at the Company to benefit from his experience and his wisdom during all these years. As a member of the Board his contributions have always been precise, well-informed and perspicacious. We shall miss his many positive qualities, both at the Board meetings and beyond.

John: we all wish you a very long, healthy and active future, enjoy your many other activities and know that you shall always be welcome here.”