COVID-19 statement

Aukett Swanke Group remains committed to taking care of our people and supporting our clients, ensuring that we provide excellent service continuity and safe working conditions during the virus pandemic.

Across all locations in the Group we continue to respond to the virus pandemic and the restrictions imposed by governments, by altering our patterns of working and travel, to provide safe conditions for our staff and visitors.

In each country the measures adopted to combat the spread of the virus vary considerably and we have enabled and supported our teams by adopting working from home combined with return to work strategies as and when appropriate.

These strategies acknowledge that remote working facilitated by integrated technology and systems platforms will remain a key element of our ongoing collaborative culture for the foreseeable future. All operations have re-occupied their premises to some degree by reducing seating densities, setting protocols for access, adopting social distancing and improvements in hygiene to protect staff.

In the UK for example our 10 Bonhill Street studio staff currently work in the building on a voluntary basis and visitors are discouraged except for essential purposes. Similar measures have been adopted elsewhere until such time the overall virus threat level subsides.

We will continue to monitor and respond to COVID-19, assessing potential impacts on our work whilst remaining confident that the resilience and continuity of our business will continue to enable us to provide our full range of services to clients.


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